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last update: february 14, 2019

Professionally, I’m working full time at BondLink, a platform that helps municipal bond issuers be more transparent and communicate to investors. I’m learning so much. Also, taking on some side projects, blah blah blah. Designer life.

Personally, I’m trying to break my 26-year-old habit of not being a morning person to exercise in the mornings. I find that it changes my mood for the better, and I feel more prepared to completely flex on that day. What I really want to do to elevate my physical activity is find a basketball league to play in, preferably LGBTQ+. I’m also getting ready to travel a few times this year—something I haven’t done very much of. 

Other things I’m up to and thinking about:

  • Design tools and plugins, and how to Marie Kondo them

  • Are we building a bad future? Are we just creating AI that has all the issues of humanity and society? Is there even a way not to? Inspired by this post about depressed robots and the troubling applications of automation and AI floating around

  • Parallax bothers me

  • Reading Becoming Michelle

  • Deciding whether or not to transition to Spotify from Tidal, or just bite the $10/month to keep supporting the culture

  • How can we better equip our underrepresented youth for adult things, even the seemingly ordinary, boring responsibilities that not everyone is taught to deal with effectively, in a scalable way?

  • 21 Savage

  • KD 12