Need a site?

Need a Website?

I can help. I use a variety of services that help people like you have a digital presence on the web that looks great, works well, and helps accomplish your goals. You can reach me at for a quote, or fill out the intake form at the bottom of this page. If you are unsure where you want your site built, I included some descriptions of different platforms at the end of the page to help.

(If you need only a design or prototype for a site or app, I primarily use Sketch, Adobe XD, or Axure, and can give you the source files.)


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Webflow is great because it’s the most flexibly visually (whatever vision you have, I can provide with Webflow). Webflow allows me to design visually with code. That means, if you need the code for your site at any point in time, you can get it. It also produces responsive sites, no need to worry about viewing on different screen sizes.


There’s a reason Squarespace is so popular (I even use it for now). It’s easy to get a clean, beautiful website up, and fast. It’s also easy to maintain once it goes live.


Wix gives a lot more flexibility visually because it’s basically a drawing tool. Because of that, though, that means it can be time consuming to maintain and get to look consistent and perfect. It also creates sites that are adaptive, not responsive. That just means that it might look funny on certain screen sizes and browser windows.


Wordpress is a classic. It’s easy to maintain and add content after handoff. However, like Wix, some of the sites may end up looking a little funky on different screen sizes.